Why ASAS North Texas?


ASAS programs are completely free for all students

  • Our students do not have to pay to be members of ASAS nor are they charged any annual dues or fees to receive our programs and services.


ASAS programs are school based

  • ASAS does not incur costs for daily transportation to and from our facilities or put students in position where they have to travel to programs alone
  • Our programs only take place at Title I schools where more than 50% of students qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program, a proxy for poverty. We operate on 353 school sites across the U.S.


ASAS is the largest national organization specifically focused on serving middle school age students

  • Middle school is an age group historically under served by after-school program providers. There are many programs for elementary school students in the form of structured day care. High schools offer numerous clubs, teams and extra-curricular activities. However, middle school students are often left with few safe and structured opportunities between 3 and 6 pm.
  • Often middle school students are big enough to travel home alone after school and many parents become less concerned with where their children are and what they are doing after school. Sadly, studies show that 3:00pm-6:00 pm is the prime time when unsupervised students are most likely to become involved with gangs, crime, drugs and unsafe sex.


ASAS is Solutions Oriented

  • ASAS has moved from being a “National Program Provider” to being a “National Solution Provider” to severe crises facing America’s youth.
  • In response to America’s youth obesity crisis, we created our “Sports as a Hook” program. In response to America’s high school drop crisis we have launched “We Are Ready” and “CampUs.” In response to America’s Civic Engagement Crisis, we have launched “Life. Service Action.” In response to America’s economic crisis, we have recently created “CEO: Career Exploration Opportunities” program.


ASAS is a “National yet Nimble” organization

  • We are a national organization with a lean, efficient administration and small bureaucracy. Everyone at our national and local chapter leadership levels personally know one another, work together and collaborate together whenever possible.


ASAS is highly collaborative with other non-profit organizations

  • We do not want to reinvent the wheel and will work with any proven and reputable partner with more expertise or a specific ability to provide a unique program experience for the benefit our students. We have numerous national and local partnerships which enhance the quality of our programs.